It depends on how much filament is used. Small flat key chains may take 10-20 minutes. Large objects can take hours. Most printers would take 5+ hours to print an object at the maximum size of the print bed.

Settings that affect print time include:

1. Quality – you can adjust the height of each layer between about 100 to 500 microns (that’s 1/10th to ½ millimetre). The thinner layers take longer but produce better quality, smoother prints; and 

2. Infill – solid objects can be ‘honeycombed’ rather than filled up. This speeds up the print and saves filament. 

Note that one of the most time consuming parts is setting up a print – unlike paper printing, jobs cannot be sent to the printer and queued up as each job must be removed from the printer before the next one can start. This is why wifi printing is not all it's cracked up to be!

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