Hello! This article has been made to help with you adjust the nozzle offset of your UP! 3D printer, in the case that auto-calibration isn't quite right.

When you do an auto-calibration with the UP! Printer, if touches a little plate on the bed with the nozzle. This point is measured from where the bed usually rests; at the bottom of the printer. Unfortunately, sometimes this measurement can be a little off. 

To do a nozzle offset, open your printer setting like so.

Next, choose all your normal settings for the print, but before sending, click the drop-down bar on 'Nozzle Offset'.

Choosing a nozzle offset is dependent on whether the auto calibration measurement is too high or too low.
If the auto-calibration is too high, you'll hear clicking, the nozzle will dig into the bed, etc.
If it's too low, it may be doing little curls of plastic onto the bed, the print may not be sticking to the bed at all, etc.

Our current 'Nozzle Height' is 206mm. So, if it's too close, we would put a negative number between '0.0 and -1.0'. If it's too far away, we would use an offset of between '0.0 and 1.0'.

It's best to go in increments of '0.1' and do small test prints to ensure the offset is working.

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