To link your Schoology account with your Makers Empire account you will need to enter your Schoology ID into Makers Empire here: 

If the above link doesn't work simply login to the Teachers Dashboard at and click settings icon

then enter in your Schoology details here:

If you don't know your Schoology ID, you can find it by logging into Schoology and clicking on your school name. Your Schoology ID will appear in the website URL.

There are two ways to log in to Makers Empire 3D with Schoology details.

1. Log in to Makers Empire 3D from within the Makers Empire 3D app

Click the Sign in with Schoology button:

This will take you to a web page that lets you log in with your Schoology details:

Then ask you to select a username (a suggestion will be made based on your Schoology display name). This username will be publicly visible to anyone who can view your designs in Makers Empire 3D.

Next time you run the app it will automatically log in to the same account, unless you log out of the account by pressing the points bar in the top left and then the Log out button in the top right:

Once logged out, you can log in again with Schoology details by following the above steps.

2. Log in to Makers Empire 3D from within Schoology

You can log in to the Makers Empire 3D app from within Schoology by choosing the Makers Empire 3D Schoology app from the App menu in the top navigation:

If this option doesn't show in the list, your Schoology administrator needs to add the Makers Empire 3D Schoology app to the list of available apps for your students by viewing the app in the App Center and choosing Install App. 

Also note that Schoology apps are unavailable when running the Schoology native app on iOS and Android devices - you need to use the Schoology web site to log in with this method.

Once the Makers Empire 3D Schoology app launches, choose "Click here to launch Makers Empire 3D now" to start Makers Empire 3D and automatically log in.

The app should then start and log in.

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