At Makers Empire, we love testing new 3D printers for primary, elementary and middle schools and recommending the best 3D printers in Australia and the best 3D printers in America to our school customers.

Makers Empire received one of 40 pre-production Adventurer 4 models made by Flashforge for the purposes of testing and evaluation. As the printer we received was hand-built for testing purposes, please note that what we found with the test model may be improved or changed in the final version that is shipped to customers.

Choosing a 3D printer for your primary or middle school can be a difficult decision. While many will be great for high school students or a hobbyist, some are less suited for regular use in a primary or middle school classroom, makerspace or library. So we make sure to test all our 3D printers thoroughly.

So far, we have completed 800 printing hours with this printer, which would equate to a few years of average use at a regular-sized primary school. So we know how this test printer performs over time and if this is a printer we would recommend to primary and middle schools.

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