*Update*: Since version 4.6.6 of Makers Empire 3D, we no longer have a timer on Pro-Training. Download the latest version here

What is Pro-Training?

Pro-Training tutorials help users learn and practise more advanced tools and techniques. Users recreate a pre-made design by following step-by-step instructions.

Why is there a timer? Doesn't that make it harder?

Users start with 20 seconds on the timer for the first step and gain 8 seconds each time they complete a step, up to a maximum of 30 seconds.

To make it easier for users who are still learning to type, the timer is paused whenever they are required to enter text or numbers.

When the timer runs out, the user is given the choice to start again or to use a life and continue from their current progress point. Users have three lives and when all three lives have been used the user must start again.

At first, it may seem like introducing time pressure would make Pro-Training harder for new users. However, our testing suggests it is quite the opposite.

In our testing, we observed that when young users couldn't complete a Pro-Training step reasonably quickly, rather than going back to their last 'correct' state they would try to power through the step and find themselves getting more and more off track, and more and more frustrated. We observed users "rage clicking" and compounding their mistakes before ultimately quitting Pro-Training and giving up on the tutorials entirely.

The timer allows users to pause, reset and get back on track.

In our testing, we observed that users who tried Pro-Training tutorials with the timer had a higher chance of completing any given tutorial, and were more likely to attempt other Pro-Training tutorials.

By gamifying the experience, we help young users self-correct and reward their resilience. It can be hard, but it's hard fun!

But I REALLY want to turn the timer off - what do I do?

We understand you may have students with special needs who might find it impossible to complete a Pro-Training step in 30 seconds.

You can turn the Pro-Training off for individual students, but we strongly recommend that you give these students additional assistance when they are attempting Pro-Training so you can help them to recover from any mistakes:

1. Find the relevant student in Teacher Dashboard > Classes

2. Use the checkbox to select the student

3. Click the Actions menu and select Pro-Training Timer

4. Set the Pro-Training Timer to Off

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