Matt here. I'm excited to tell you about a couple recent improvements we've made to the Teachers Dashboard to help save you A LOT of time.

1. Tidy up your class lists FAST!

Cluttered class lists make finding the right student at the right time a drag. But who has the time to go through and archive old classes, merge students, create new classes etc, right? Well now - anyone can do it in minutes.

We've updated the CSV import page to make managing class lists a lot easier.

.CSV is a file format which can be exported from Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets... any spreadsheet software really.

If you're new to Makers Empire, you can use .CSV files to quickly add all your students and classes at once.

If you're a Makers Empire veteran, you can tidy up ALL your existing classes in a few steps:

1. Archive all your old classes. Don't worry, nothing will be deleted. This will put all existing students in the Archived Students class.

2. Follow these steps to upload all your current classes with a .CSV file

3. Any students who are included in your up to date class list will automatically be moved from Archived Students and assigned to their correct class. Any 'left over' student accounts, maybe graduates or transfers, will be safe in Archived Students if you do ever need to find them again.

You can access the CSV Import option anytime by clicking Class Management on the left menu and selecting Classes. Click the drop down menu next to any class name and select CSV Import.

*NOTE: If you're a Google Classroom user, keep managing your class lists with Google Classroom.

Try it yourself now.

2. QUICKLY manage multiple student designs at once.

We've just added the ability to download, assess and delete multiple designs with just a few clicks:

1. Log in to the Teachers Dashboard, click Class Management on the left menu and select View & Assess.

2. Use the check boxes to choose the designs you want to manage, or click Select All.

3. When you start selecting designs, you will see three buttons: Download STL, Assess and Delete.

• Download STL will start generating your STL files.
Assess will open the Quick Assess responses - note, you can only send one quick assessment type at a time, so if you want to assess some designs as satisfactory but others as below satisfactory you will need to do so in two batches.
• Delete will confirm that you really want to delete all the selected designs, and then get rid of them forever. Take care.

Try it now! 

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