Once your students log into the app they can follow the below steps.  If you are unsure how your students should login, click here

  1. Go through the training lab. Students will need to complete all training lessons. There are roughly 10, which will take around 20 minutes give or take.

 2. The training lab does not teach the students everything, so they will need to complete "challenges" to practice using the tools. There are two areas to find challenges see image below. NOTE: The challenges will not open until the training lab is complete.

3. The game zone is another area where students can learn how to use the app with fun challenges. If you find this area to be a problem or just prefer to limit access to it, click here.

4. Once they have a better handle on the software they are ready for any of the following a) competition, b) a teacher guided lesson, or c) create something on their own.  A video review of the tools is available in step #5

a. For competitions we often offer actual prizes. This is where you can find the competitions:

 b. For teacher guided lessons you have 3 options.
Two of those options are choose a ready made lesson or create your own lesson these options are in the teachers dashboard. The other option is you can create a design challenges in the app

To create a design in the app you will need to meet the conductor and create a rocket ship. For step-by-step instructions please refer here

c. If you'd like your students to create/design something on their own without the gaming aspect or create something based on a lesson go to "Create"

And then work with Shaper or Blocker tools (those are our most developed tools). Please note these tools can not be used together.

5. The tools are reviewed in this video where I make a coffee mug

6. Inside any of the tools (Shaper/Blocker) you will have an option to access other tools and also use tokens to unlock cool shapes. This is how you can do that:

There will be a lock icon over certain shapes, to unlock those shapes you can use tokens. Students earn tokens by doing things in the app. As a teacher you can also provide tokens to students through the teachers dashboard. To learn how to do that click here

If this article didn't provide what you were looking for please email us at info@makersempire.com and we'll see that your question gets answered. 

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