Setting up students accounts using .csv eliminates the need for students to have to choose a username, classcode, and also enter in their name. This is a good option for younger students K-5. 

Please note: They will need to enter in there username and password the next time they log in. 

  1. Log in to the Teachers Dashboard at

  2. If you have not created a class, you will need to do so (see image for steps to create a class). If you have already created your class skip to #3

 3.  Next, locate and fill in the template .csv file, to locate it you will do the following

4. Once you click on the CSV Import you will arrive to this screen, click on the "sample csv" and save it to your desktop.

5. Fill in the CSV template and then upload it, to do that you will repeat step #2 

It will take you to this screen again

5) Once you've uploaded it you will need to get the usernames and passwords for each student. To do that:

6) Once you've downloaded the username and password list you can print it and hand it your students. 

Students Directions

  1. Go to the 3D Design App and click "Log In" 

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