Makers Empire's built-in assessment tools allow teachers to incorporate their assessment and feedback into the Makers Empire 3D app. 

All designs completed in Challenge Central, and all teacher created Design Missions are assessable. 

To assess your student's Challenge Central work:

1. Once a student has submitted a challenge for assessment in Challenge Central, they will see an hourglass icon, meaning this challenge is awaiting assessment. Students can not attempt the next challenge until they pass the current challenge.

2. In the Teachers Dashboard, go to Class Management > Classes. Select the relevant class and student.

3. Click the Awaiting assessment button on the top right of screen.

4. Choose the assessment level from the dropdown menu: Above Satisfactory, Satisfactory, or Below Satisfactory. 

* NOTE: An assessment of Below Satisfactory will require the student to retry the challenge before they can proceed on to the next challenge.

4. Choose a pre-set feedback response, or write your own in the text field. You can also choose to reward students with extra tokens if their work was especially good. Click the Save button when you're finished.

5. Your student will receive a notification telling them "Challenge passed!" - they can click this notification to see your assessment feedback and collect their token rewards.

7. Students can now attempt the next challenge!

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