1. Google Classroom - Use this option if you actively use Goggle Classroom. The below link will also provide teachers with how to sign in to the teachers dashboard via google classroom. http://help.makersempire.com/teachers-dashboard/login-using-google-classroom-for-teachers-and-students 
  2. Direct Signup- This option is for students old enough to type their name and come up with a password. This is the easiest option for teachers as the only thing a teacher needs to do is create a class and provide students with a classcode. http://help.makersempire.com/makers-empire-3d-app/direct-login-to-the-app
  3. .csv Upload - Works well for younger students K-5. This option is a bit more work on teachers end but eliminates the need for students to have to choose a username, classcode, and also enter in their name. http://help.makersempire.com/teachers-dashboard/add-students-using-a-template-csv
  4. QR Code - For younger students K-2 as it eliminates the step of students having to enter in a username and password. It also makes it easy on the teacher as the only thing they need to do is create a class and print the QR code. http://help.makersempire.com/teachers-dashboard/how-to-login-using-qr-codes

To learn how to use the app and navigate your students through it, click here:  http://help.makersempire.com/teaching-3d-design-and-printing-with-makers-empire/navigating-the-3d-design-app 

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