If your internet connection goes through a proxy server (as is the case in many schools), you may need to supply authentication details to the Makers Empire 3D app in order for it to connect successfully to our servers.

If this has not been done, you will see one of the following two error screens a short time after starting the app:

If you get the screen with "Proxy Connection Failed" please ensure the details are filled out correctly for your internet setup, then press TRY AGAIN.

If you get the screen with "Login Error", choose GO OFFLINE, then press the points bar in the top left of the screen that shows "Not connected":

Then press the NETWORK tab on this screen:

And you will see the network settings screen:

Tick the Enable Proxy box and fill out the details for your internet setup, then press TRY AGAIN.

If the details are correct and you still are not able to connect, please check in a web browser that you can access http://3d.makersempire.com - you should see:

If you don't see this message, try adding an exception (also known as whitelisting) the url https://3d.makersempire.com (or with wildcards, http*://*.makersempire.com)

If you see the message as shown, please contact us for further assistance.

NOTE: proxy configuration can be done during installation / deployment to multiple machines - please see the article Configure Proxy Settings During Installation of Makers Empire 3D

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