Printing Credits can be bought and used to order prints through the dashboard. These are then printed and shipped to you.

There are 3 sizes available: Small, Medium and Large. As shown below, small prints are scaled to fit into a cube of 50mm size. Medium prints are scaled to fit into a cube of 80mm size, and large prints are scaled to fit into a 100mm cube. If you would like the prints to not be scaled, please use the 'Notes' section of the print order menu. 

You can order Printing Credits by emailing and let us know how many you need.


The first step in ordering prints is to find the way in which you want to locate the designs through the dashboard. Below you can see two suggested ways, circled on the left hand side menu.

The first is to look for your class, and the second is to simply search either the individual students, or the name of the designs.

Once you've found the students design, click on it and you'll be taken to the preview page. To order the design, click on the 'Cart' button, circled in green below.

Next, you'll have to put in the delivery address, the size you'd like (Small prints are about 4x4cm, Medium are about 6x6cm and large are about 8x8cm) and any notes you'd like to convey about the print.

Finally, click on 'Place Order' and you'll get a confirmation screen.

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