One of the more advanced features in Shaper is the ability to either subtract a shape away from the other shapes, or make a shape by intersecting a shape with the other shapes in the design.

To do this, select the shape to be subtracted or to use as the intersecting shape and choose the button with the three lines to show more options:

Then, select the button with the two dotted circles:

Then, choose the one on the left for subtraction:

or the one to the right of that for intersection:

At the moment, the in-editor subtraction and intersection feature is limited to one operation in a single design. We hope to improve this soon.

In the mean time, if you need to do more than one operation, you can choose to do the subtractions and intersections on STL download by going to the GRAPHICS section of the settings and setting Subtract / Intersect Processing to On Download:

This will make subtracted / intersecting shapes just appear see-through, but when you receive the STL file it will be processed:

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