Toy Designer provides an easy way to create some funny looking character shapes without having to position shapes manually in 3D (which can be hard for novice users).

Unfortunately there is no interactive tutorial for this at present - we aim to revisit Toy Designer and improve it overall before adding a tutorial.

The best way  to get started is to choose Body from the drop-down shape menu, and choose one of the displayed shapes:

Then press on one of the green arrows to choose where you want to attach the next shape. The arrow will move to indicate that it is selected:

Choose a shape. If the shape doesn't have any points to attach new shapes, there won't be any arrows. There will be an orange outline to indicate the shape is still selected though:

While the shape is selected you can just press on other shapes to cycle through different options:

You can also press and drag to move it around (it will stay attached to the same shape):

This style of movement of shapes on parent shapes is the same as in Shaper when you have the magnet option on. You can see this (and other Shaper controls) by selecting the Advanced control button:

When not in advanced control mode, you can press on other shapes to select them and show the attachment points if they exist:

Notice that the original attachment point we used becomes available again if the attached shape has been moved away from the point.

Note also If you press and drag on a parent shape the attached shapes will move with the parent:

That's pretty much it for Toy Designer at the moment. We hope to expand it in the near future.

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